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Appearance and personality
Proto Man appears similar to his younger
brother, Mega Man, having a similar
frame and build although the differences
are immediate. Proto Man wears vibrant
red armor that sharply contrasts that of
Mega Man's blue shades as well as
having a dark gray body suit. He wears a
stylized helmet that features a distinct
white trim that points upward. Along with
his trademark flowing yellow scarf and
thick black shades makes Proto Man fit
the mysterious dashing lone wolf
archetype quite well. Like Mega Man,
Proto Man has been seen without his
helmet, his hair having inconsistent
depictions within and outside of canon.
In Mega Man 3 and the Rockman
Complete Works version of Mega Man 5,
Proto Man is depicted with short hair.
However, in Mega Man 8, his hair is
longer, featuring a distinct, long fringe
that stretches forward and curves slightly
upward, and in the Megamix manga, he is
given exactly the same hairstyle as Mega
Man. Archie comics gave him the
Rockman 8 hair style and left it there,
although one of the Short Circuits comics
(specifically, Mariachi, the one taking
place in Issue 9), taking place before
Blues' formal debut, depicted him with the
short hairstyle from Mega Man 3 and the
Rockman Complete Works' version of
Mega Man 5.

Proto Man is calm, cool, and collected in
any situation and greatly independent. He
plays an older brother role with Mega
Man by helping him out and giving
advice, and even saves his life on a few
occasions. He is a loner who, like his
brother, has a strong sense of justice and
helps those who need it. He is also a
grateful person as shown by how he
repays Wily's debt for temporarily fixing
him. (Although in Powered Up, he was
angrier quick to resort to violence.)



B-lues's Profile Picture
...My life is none of your buisness...."


Proto Man

"Robots are machines that follow
orders. I'm a machine that doesn't,
so what does that make me?"

Protoman, A.K.A Blues,
is the first Robot Master created by Dr. Light and is
considered the "brother" to Mega Man
and Roll. He first appeared in Mega Man 3
training him to see if he could beat Wily,
aiding Mega Man in his fight against evil. Proto Man is a playable character in
Mega Man 9 and 10. He is useful in some
areas, but playing as him has some cons
too. When he jumps, he raises his shield,
blocking shots. Proto Man also fires
slightly lower than Mega Man in Mega
Man 10, letting him hit landmines, which
Mega Man can not. But, unlike Mega Man
when he gets hit, he takes twice the recoil
and twice the damage, which is a great
reason to utilize his shield.

"It's always been on my mind...what it
means to be born with weapons in our
hands. I haven't found the answer yet,
but with the powers you've given me, I
will crush your villainy."


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